Pest Inspection

Insects most likely will find their way inside your houseInsects most likely will find their way inside your house — no matter how clean you keep your house. To minimize any problems that can occur from pests it is advisable to hire a pest-control specialist to inspect your home.

Most likely specialists will want to talk to you before they inspect your home so that they’ll have an idea of your most pressing concerns.

Initially, a pest specialist will probably start looking for insects in the kitchen because the room’s moisture and warmth most times attract bugs. Most pests seek cracks and crevices under the sink because bugs are often seen in this area. A specialist will identify problem insects through live sightings and through spotting dead insects, cobwebs, insect damage, insect droppings and other signs.

The basement is another area of the home a specialist will most likely pay close attention, particul arly if you have sliding glass doors. Insects can come in through the openings around the jamb and in the track. To help keep them out, seal these areas (as well as similar areas around windows) with silicone caulk, and check to make sure the screens are intact.

Keep your house clean inside and out. Dry foods such as cereal and cornmeal should stored in airtight containers. Firewood piles, shrub plantings and deck and porch areas should be kept as clean as possible.

The specialist may set up monitoring stations to help identify the types of pests you’re dealing with. These stations have a sticky surface that attracts insects, then traps them. The specialist can then identify the insect pest and devise a plan for controlling it.

It is advisable to have your home inspected for pests such as termites if neighbors are experiencing problems or your regional area is susspectible to certain pests.

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