Agreement to Rescind Contract of Sale

The contract of sale of real property located in
County_________ ,
[state]_________ ,

and described as: _________[set forth legal description], which contract was executed
on [date]_________ by the undersigned as seller and purchaser, respectively, is hereby
by mutual agreement of the parties, rescinded and terminated.

Seller waives and releases all right and claim against purchaser, and purchaser waives
and releases all right against seller and all right, title, and interest in the described
real property.

The deposit previously made by purchaser shall be _________[returned in its entirety to
purchaser or retained by seller or as the case may be].

The escrow costs and charges incurred to date shall be _________[borne and paid equally
by the parties or as the case may be].

Executed in duplicate at _________[designate place of execution] on _________[date].





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