Fast Home Sale Tips

When you put your home on the market, you hope that it sells quickly and at the right place. In order to reach those goals, you need to listen to your Realtor® and make sure you’re taking care of all of your responsibilities as a seller.

From pricing your home properly (it’s best if you get the price right the first time!) to staging it to sell, you have the ability to reach your goals without too many snags.

Focus on Curb Appeal

First impressions matter. Whether someone drives by or has scheduled a showing, their first impression of your home is from the street out front. Exterior paint, fresh mulch, neatly maintained grass and landscaping will bring potential buyers through your door.

Stage the Home

Deep clean everything and de-clutter every space, including closets. Store all photos, mementos, and personal care items out of sight. Make each room as warm and inviting as possible, but free of personal items.

Catch up on Maintenance and Repairs

Even minor things, perhaps especially minor things, can suggest that your property is or is not well maintained. Repaint scuffed baseboards, fix leaky faucets, and get rid of rust stains in sinks. Make sure all light fixtures are sparkling clean and in good shape. If potential buyers notice minor repairs that need to be done, it will make them wonder what major repairs have been neglected as well.

Let’s Talk about Selling Your Home Quickly

We’re the Main Line real estate professionals, and we can help you meet your goals. We’ll walk you through the entire selling process, giving you fast home sale tips along the way, and we’ll make sure that you’re satisfied with the entire experience.

Call us at (610) 608-3119 or contact us online. You’ll be in good hands.



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