Buyer Checklist

You already know that buying a home is a huge decision, and it’s best if you’re as prepared as possible. Use our buyer’s checklist to make sure you’re on the right track.

The Ultimate Buyer Checklist for Main Line Real Estate

  1. Pay down your debt. Make sure your credit score is where it needs to be before you start asking for preapproval letters from lenders.
  2. Put money in the bank. Buying a home is about more than the down payment, which can range from 3.5 percent to 20 percent of the home’s total value. You’ll have to think about how much you need to save to buy a home, including what you’ll spend on closing fees and other expenses.
  3. Get preapproved for a mortgage. Don’t forget to ask for a preapproval letter so you can use it when you need it.
  4. Decide what you want from a home using our Wish List Worksheet.
  5. Research neighborhoods and talk to your Main Line real estate agent about what might work best for your needs.
  6. Define your move-in date.
  7. Start visiting homes for sale in the Main Line area that meet your needs. Remember to ask your agent to compare the listings you’re interested in with other sales in the area so that you know whether they’re priced appropriately.
  8. Once you’ve chosen a home, spell out your special requests or any repairs that you want done before you buy the home.
  9. Determine an earnest money amount and sign an agreement with the seller.
  10. Have the house appraised and inspected; if necessary, re-negotiate.
  11. Choose your home insurance company.
  12. Complete the loan process with your lender.
  13. Finalize your transaction and close the purchase, but don’t forget to review the settlement document at least two days prior to closing. Bring a cashier’s check for the amount you need at closing, which includes closing costs and the down payment.

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