Why List With Us

Why List With Us

Why should you consider us to represent you in selling your home?

1.Top Search Engine Placement

The average site draws about 30 keywords to attract clients. Ours has over 400. Better placement for more keywords means we get a diverse group of buyers than most sites.

This is equivalent to $5,500 a month
in web placement advertising
(i.e., –pay per click– for 400 keywords)

3. Neighborhood Expertise

The first rule of choosing a real estate agent is to use an agent that is an expert on the neighborhood or community in which you are buying. We provide useful information on area communities to insure that you find the neighborhood perfect for you and your family. Why? Because most buyers are not familiar with ALL the areas surrounding the Main Line area. We give you a “virtual tour” of each community to help you find the perfect property when all you might know is a zip code. We offer links to local libraries, schools, parks, area attractions, and even golf courses! You will get to know about the neighborhood’s history, shopping areas, dining spots and even the local news and latest local movies!

2.Visual-Contextual content
(Communities Module).

See the map and communities on the front page and Main Line community page? This is not there by chance. This visual relationship helps prospective buyers put together why they should buy your home. It also gives them more comfort because they have a better picture of the area and surrounding areas. They see the lifestyles of each area, what to do, what kind of schools and they come away with a much better feeling that they are doing the right thing. We find that this, along with other aspects of our site, builds trust with buyers that we are the team for them.







4. Over 700 pages of content

Why is content important in selling your home? Because most people that surf real estate websites don’t slow down till they find a site that gives them the answers they are looking for. By offering massive content our sites develop a relationship with visitors. This slows them down to use us and search more which gives YOUR listing more exposure.


5. Featured Placement

Your property is placed right on the front page …so visitors see you

6.Integrated Searcher

This is CRUCIAL to a successful website. Many real estate web sites you go to have a limited search function or no search function at all. When they do have searches they don’t put listings they represent on the same page. Look at the example. See the properties above the search they asked for? That could be YOUR home in front of them on ever search they do. No other website gives that kind of exposure.

7. Visitor conversion tools

Don’t be fooled by claims of a lot of hits to their site. We get 50,000 hits a month, but that is a gimmick and won’t assure sales. Look at one of the featured Main Line listings and click on the details of a property. See the price, payments and –be contacted in less than 30 minutes? features surrounding the listing? These all heighten interest in the client and cause them to ask us to contact them in 30 minutes. Not many sites can say that.

8. Lead Capture

Our site has an innovative engine that gets leads better than other sites. Other sites force them to sign up too soon. This makes most bounce off the site and look for a friendlier site (wouldn’t you?). Others have lead capture only on certain pages, that isn’t effective either. Then other sites have lead capture that is so far out that they don’t get any leads. Ours is –intuitive– and analysis shows we get more REAL leads that other sites.

9. SMS Instant messaging of leads

When you list with us and a client asks to be contacted about your property, we are notified INSTANTLY and contact them within 30 minutes 24 hours a day. Our team consists of agents and customer service staff that monitors the site 24 hours a day. Studies show that if a client is contacted in less than an hour from their inquiry then we have an 85% chance of selling them. Quick and thorough action is the TRUE meaning of full service.

10. Listing Marketing (Promotion)

Our site has many ways we get the word out fast and to pre-approved buyers looking for a home like yours. First we have a 5 quick click listing function in our site that in minutes uploads your property information, photos and virtual tour to the site and sends a professionally designed e-brochure to all in our database that would be interested. If you sign with us Friday day your listing is out and on thousands of computer screens by Friday night! Our Property Alert feature collects buyers’ requests and when what they ask us to look out for matches close enough to your listing your e-brochure is immediately sent.

Listing Marketing
(Listing Website)

Look at this example CorteCapri.com. It’s a website solely showcasing one home. Every home that is listed with us we showcase that home in its own venue. You get to choose from many different looks. That way when we do our special promotion techniques that draw clients, they go to your home’s website exclusively. They view the pictures and virtual tour and read the description and get more involved rather than have other listings competing for their attention.

11. Listing Marketing (advertising)

Besides our considerable expense in the most upcoming and innovative medium (Internet), we are aggressive with the more formal forms of making sure your listing is getting the best exposure.

12. Home Staging

If you have watched any HGTV or TLC Channel home improvement shows you see that home staging is crucial to get the most for your home. Our home staging resource center within our website and access to professional home staging companies, you can be assured that your home will fetch the faster!

13. Finance and Credit Center

Most real estate websites don?t want to touch these issues because they lack experience. Our sites come with over 100 pages of content dealing with Mortgage, Credit, Down Payment Assistance, Financing Techniques and more. Giving them these resources they feel more assured of the process, are more qualified and the better deal they can get to make the purchase affordable the less they will ask for you to help by accepting less.

14. Our Team

From receptionist, 24 hr customer service center, agents, inspection, appraisal, finance center, title, escrow, transaction coordinator and ownership walkthrough department; our buyers see we are more than the typical company. These things give us an incredible edge over the talk some companies give. Buyers tell us these things made the difference for them.

We hope you will examine and judge us by our actions not our words. See the investment we have made in all of the above as the true indication of what customer service is, not slogans or ‘talk.’

Click here to see the steps we take to sell your home.

See what we can do for you contact us now.

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