How to Choose a Neighborhood

There are dozens upon dozens of spectacular Main Line neighborhoods. Unfortunately, that can make choosing the perfect one a little bit tough.

So how do you choose a neighborhood where you’ll be happy for the next 30 years or more?

How to Choose a Neighborhood

Before you get overwhelmed, start ticking off neighborhoods that don’t meet your needs. Cross off those that are too far from work, those that don’t contain the types of homes that you want, and those that aren’t close enough to the places you spend your time.

Now that you (hopefully) have a shorter list, it’s time to get down to business.

Things to Consider when You’re Choosing a Neighborhood

Look at your shorter list and think about:

  • Even if you don’t have any children, schools are important, because homes located in “good” school districts often hold value better than those in other districts. If you do have (or if you’re planning to have) kids, schools are important for obvious reasons. Know that the Fair Housing Act prevents Realtors® from telling you whether schools are “good” or “bad,” but your agent can share links to websites where you can find school ratings.
  • Is one neighborhood more convenient to work than another is? Is it closer to your family, friends or other important places? Do you need to be near a public transit system, or will you need a neighborhood where all of the homes feature large garages? Don’t forget that you’re not only house-shopping for yourself. You’re also house-shopping for the next buyer, and convenience is always at a premium.
  • Neighborhood amenities. Are you interested in neighborhoods with trees, parks and walking trails? Do you want a common area where you can spend time with your neighbors, or would you prefer a more private, secluded neighborhood where you can maintain your anonymity?
  • Crime and safety. You can contact the local police for crime statistics in and around any neighborhood. You can also check out crime reporting websites by searching the city’s name and “crime statistics by neighborhood.”

Ready to Choose the Right Neighborhood?

Call us at 610-608-3119 or fill out our online contact form so we can help you find the perfect place. We cover the entire Main Line area, and we’ll share our in-depth knowledge of each area so you can make the best decision for your future.

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