Buying or Selling Your Bryn Mawr, PA Home – Inspections

As a seller of a Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania home, you might think that negotiations are over and your home is sold when you have the buyers sign the Agreement of Sale. In many sales the negotiations in this market have just begun. The inspection clause has become a larger hurdle to the settlement finish line in this buyers’ market.

As a seller you have made disclosures about what you know about your home. How many homeowners have their own home inspected even when they are listing the home for sale? Not Many! Over ten years of home selling experience in the Philadelphia Main Line has taught me that even with well kept million dollar homes, sellers are bound to find out problems they didn’t know about when the buyers bring in a certified home inspector.

Finding out about an unknown blemish in your home can be as emotional as finding a new blemish on your face. Negotiating inspection items is where your Philadelphia Main Line Real Estate agent may be needed most. Buyers are now more demanding and the give and take of the inspection negotiations must be kept to actual defects, not expected wear and tear.

From the buyers perspective it can also be upsetting to find what at first may appear to be a deal breaker. Your agent must not give in to a client’s emotions and must help to reasonably assess solutions and cost responsibility. It is not unreasonable that if mold is found or if the shower pan is broken, it should be the seller that bears the expense. However, observable cracks in the driveway and a ten year old roof went into the original price negotiation.

While inspections may prove a high hurdle an experienced competent agent will bring your deal home.

Mary Beth Hurtado

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