Staging your home to sell is essential in today’s real estate market. After all, you are placing your home on the real estate stage and inviting would be buyers to take a tour. home stagingHome staging is not a new concept; people have been ‘staging’ their homes for years. Real estate agents can be helpful in preparing your home to sell by making suggestions on furniture placement. The real estate market is competitive however and some homeowners are hiring professional home staging companies to help optimize the selling price of their home.

Home sellers today know that it’s important in a specialized real estate market to hire specialized teams that are experts in their field. Your real estate agent specializes in pricing your home accurately and competitively. Your agent is also an expert when it comes to selling and closing your home. Your agent will also market your home effectively through print, radio, and Internet medias. However your agent may not be the expert you seek when it comes to staging your home to sell.

Agents usually know exactly what factors can help sell a home - its called home stagingProfessional home stagers are practiced in the art of preparing a home for resale. Home staging professionals are home and space design experts that have a trained eye; they look at the overall inside and outside space and suggest a design that optimizes your home to buyers. Home stagers will ensure that home makes a great first impression.

Curb Appeal

First impressions are solidified by most home buyers the minute they pull up in your driveway. A professional home stager will help you to make that all-important first impression. They may suggest clearing the yard of bicycles, toys, and pet belongings. A nicely staged deck that offers an inviting table, chairs and umbrella will bring a sense of home to your potentially cluttered and uninviting back deck. The home stager might suggest new plantings or decorative pots to enhance the curb appeal of your home. Be prepared to also make larger changes such as adding shutters or giving your home a new coat of paint.

You must be able to set the stage to make a great first impression on your potential new home buyer.

Create a Great Inside Impression

home staging may require hiring a professionalYour home should exude clean, uncluttered spaces for the likely home buyer. You want potential buyers to concentrate on the available space, floor plan, and amenities of your home. A professtional home stager will help to guide the potential buyer through your home. Small rooms with cluttered bookshelves, large furniture and messy closets leave the wrong impression. Your all-important home showing will turn into a disaster. A small clutted room will leave the buyer thinking about the clutter and not about the space. Home stagers will help organize your shelves, closets and counter tops They know how to show the room and create and overall favorable impression. You must be prepared to remove furniture, paint rooms, reorganize closets, and re-arrange the furniture in order to sell your home in todays competitive market.

Most home sellers would never think to leave dirty towels, a splatter of toys or a uncleanly dog bowl sitting around when friends come over. Some home sellers have left a pile of dirty clothes or cluttered bookcases around when showing their home. A professional home stager will help set the stage and put your homes’ best foot forward.

There are many different ways to find a professional home stager. Ask your real estate agent. Chances are your real estate agent has worked with a home stager and can recommend someone. Ask a friend. You might be surprised how many home sellers have used home staging and a home staging professional to help sell their last house. Make sure you obtain a written quote and agree on a price before you hire a professional home stager.

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