Lease Assignment by Lessee : Consent of Lessor


THIS LEASE is made this [DATE], by and between [NAME], (hereinafter
referred to as “Lessor”), and [NAME], (hereinafter referred to as

WITNESSETH: That the said Lessor hereby leases and demises unto the said
Lessee the following described premises:

TO HAVE AND TO HOLD the premises from [DATE], for the term of [TIME PERIOD]
thereafter, the said Lessee paying to the Lessor the monthly rent of
[#]Dollars ($ [#]) being due on [DATE], which said sum has been paid and
acknowledged herein, and the remaining payments as follows:

1. The Lessee hereby covenants with the Lessor that the Lessee will pay
the rent herein reserved at the times and in the manner aforesaid, and will
pay all charges for gas, electricity, and water used on the premises.
Should said rent or charges for gas, electricity or water herein provided
for at any time remain due and unpaid for a period of ten days after the
same shall have become due, the said Lessor may at Lessor’s option,
consider the said Lessee a tenant at sufferance and immediately re-enter
upon the premises and the entire rent for the rental period then next
ensuing shall at once be due and payable and may be immediately collected
by distress or otherwise. The Lessee will not use or permit the premises
to be used for any illegal or improper purposes, nor permit the
disturbance, noise or annoyance whatsoever, detrimental to the premises or
to the comfort of the other habitants of said building or its neighbors;
and will not sublet or assign this lease nor any part thereof without the
written consent of the Lessor.

2. The Lessee will keep the interior or the premises, and all windows,
doors, fixtures, interior walls, pipes, and other appurtenances, in good
and substantial repair and in clean condition, damage by fire or storm
excepted; and will exercise all reasonable care in the use of halls,
stairs, bathrooms, closets, and other fixtures and parts of the premises
used in common with other tenants in said building which may be necessary
for the preservation of the property and the comfort of the other tenants;
and will also permit the Lessor or Lessor’s agents or employees, at all
reasonable times, to enter into the premises and inspect the conditions
thereof, and make such repairs as may be necessary; and will at the
expiration of said term, without demand, quietly and peaceably deliver up
the possession of the said premises in good state and condition, damage or
destruction by fire or storm excepted.

3. The Lessor hereby covenants with the Lessee upon the performance by the
Lessee of the covenants hereinbefore set forth, that the Lessor will,
during the continuance of said term, keep all the external parts of the
premises in good repair; that in case the said building and premises or any
part thereof, shall at any time be destroyed or so damaged by fire or storm
as to render same unfit for occupation or use, said Lessor shall have the
option to terminate this Lease, or to repair and rebuild the premises
refunding the rents hereby reserved, or a fair and just portion thereof,
according to the damage sustained, until the said premises are repaired and
fit for occupancy and use; and that the Lessee may quietly hold and enjoy
the premises without any interruption by the Lessor or any person claiming
under the Lessor.

4. The Lessee hereby pledges and assigns to the Lessor all furniture,
fixtures, goods and chattels of the Lessee on the premises, as security for
the payment of the rent reserved herein and the Lessee agrees that said
lien may be enforced by distress, foreclosure or otherwise, at the election
of the Lessor; and said Lessee hereby waives all rights of homestead or
exemption in said furniture, fixtures, goods and chattels to which the
Lessee may be entitled under the Constitution and laws of this State; and
in case of the failure of the Lessee to pay the or other charges herein
reserved when due, and same is collected by suit or through an attorney,
the Lessee agrees to pay the Lessor reasonable attorney’s fees, together
with all costs incurred. This lease shall bind the Lessor and the Lessee
and their respective heirs, assigns, administrators, legal representatives
and executors.

5. The parties hereto waive trail by jury and agree to submit to the
personal jurisdiction and venue of a court of subject matter jurisdiction
located in [NAME] County, State of [NAME]. No action hereunder may be
commenced if more than one year after the cause of action giving rise
thereto has elapsed.

6. Lessee agrees to pay a Security Deposit of $ [#] to secure Lessee’s
pledge of full compliance with the terms of this agreement, NOTE: SECURITY
previously reported will be repaired at Lessee’s expense with funds other
than Security Deposit.

7. Unless specifically disallowed by law, should litigation arise
hereunder, service of process therefor may be obtained through certified
mail, return receipt requested; the parties hereto waiving any and all
rights they may have to object to the method by which service was

8. To the extent cognizable at law, the parties hereto, in the event of
breach and in addition to any and all other remedies available thereto, may
obtain injunctive relief, regardless of whether the injured party can
demonstrate that no adequate remedy exists at law.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the said parties have hereunto set their hands and
seals [DATE].

______________________ ________________________
[Lessor] [Lessee]

Signed, sealed and delivered in the presence of:

_____________________ ________________________ __________________
Witness [NAME] Witness [NAME] Witness [NAME]


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