Should You Replace Your Roof to Sell Your Home

Should You Replace Your Roof to Sell Your Home?

Should You Replace Your Roof to Sell Your Home

If you’re selling your Main Line home, whether it’s in Ardmore, Bala Cynwyd or Strafford (or elsewhere), you know that it needs to be updated and maintained.

But should you replace the roof?

Should You Replace Your Roof to Sell Your Home?

First things first: If you’re selling, talk to your Main Line Realtor® about every improvement you’re considering – even if you only have a list of small things you might want to tackle. Some improvements won’t help you sell your home at all, and some will even cost you more than they’re worth.

But back to the roof.

Here’s what to evaluate when you’re thinking about replacing your roof to sell your home:

  • Do you have the money for a roof replacement, or will you be paying it off over time? It might not make sense – at least fiscally – to put a new roof on credit and pay for it long after you’ve sold the home.
  • Do you own the house? If you’re all paid up and you’re not trying to make a tremendous profit on your home, that can play a big role in your decision.
  • Does your agent think you’ll get multiple offers for your home? If there are other homes in your price range and they’re selling quickly, or if they’re selling after bidding wars, it may not be necessary to replace your roof. However, if other homes like yours are just sitting on the market, a new roof might give you an edge over the rest.
  • Is it leaking? If you’re having problems with the roof, there’s no question – you need to repair or replace it. The extent of the damage will help inform your choice. The biggest reason you need to make it right is that it’s going to be tough getting a buyer who can get a mortgage on a home with such big roof issues.

A roof replacement can be really expensive, too. Because it’s just part of home maintenance and not an upgrade, that replacement is unlikely to pay off at the closing table – it’s just something that buyers expect you to have done when it was necessary.

Are You Selling a Home in a Main Line Community?

If you’re selling a Main Line home, we’re here to help. We can give you the guidance you need about the roof and other improvements, and we’ll help you price your home just right so it sells quickly.

Call us at 610-608-3119 to talk about how we’ll market your house to all the right buyers.

If you’re also looking for a new home, check out our:

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