5 Things Many People Forget to Do Before They Move

5 Things Many People Forget to Do Before They Move

If you’re moving, whether it’s across town or across the country, it’s a big deal – and there’s a lot to remember.

Here are five things a lot of people forget… and we’re telling you so you don’t miss a thing.

5 Things Many People Forget to Do Before They Move

#1: Change addresses on subscriptions.

Whether you get razor blades or steaks delivered to your house each month, make sure you call all the companies that make regular deliveries to change your address a month before you move.

#2: Let your car insurance company know about the move.

The last thing you need is to let your car insurance lapse because the insurance company doesn’t have your current address or it doesn’t match what the DMV has.

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#3: Take pictures of your electronics.

If you’re hiring movers, you need photos of all your high-value electronics. Get snapshots of the serial numbers if you can, too.

#4: Pack up your plants.

Make a “Plant Plan” so you don’t leave any of your favorites behind when you go. Make sure you put plants you’re digging up in large buckets filled with dirt from around them – and if you’re moving with potted plants, keep a spray bottle with you to spritz the leaves.

#5: Fill an essentials box.

Keep shampoo and soap, medications, paper towel and cleaning supplies, and other essentials in an essentials box that you’ll hand-carry to your new home. Put it in a prominent location (like on top of the fridge) where you can find it at the end of moving day.

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