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clear title
A title to property that does not have liens, defects, or other legal encumbrances.closing
The final procedure in which documents are signed and recorded and the property is transferred.

closing costs
Expenses incidental to the sale of real estate, including loan, title, and appraisal fees. These costs exist in addition to the price of the property and are paid at closing. Some are one-time expenses and some are recurring.

closing statement
A document which details the final financial settlement between a buyer and seller and the costs paid by each party.

A neutral third party holds documents and money for a real estate transaction and ensures that all conditions of a sale are met. Also refers to a special account that a lender uses to hold a borrower's monthly payments on property taxes and insurance.

A buyer officially takes possession of a house upon signing the closing papers and receiving the keys.

purchase agreement
A document that details the purchase price and conditions of the transaction.

A public official responsible for keeping record of all real estate transactions.

The legal document conferring ownership of a piece of real estate.

transfer of ownership
Any legal means by which a piece of real estate changes hands.

transfer tax
An assessment by state or local authorities at the time a piece of property changes hands.

A buyer's final inspection of the home to determine if conditions in the purchase agreement have been satisfied.

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