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Items of value which include cash, real estate, securities, and investments.bankruptcy
A proceeding in which an insolvent debtor can obtain relief from payment of certain obligations. Bankruptcies remain on a credit record for seven to 10 years and can severely limit a person's ability to borrow.Consumer Credit Counseling Service (CCCS)
A nationwide, nonprofit organization that helps consumers get out of debt and improve their credit profile. National headquarters: 8701 Georgia Avenue., Suite 507, Silver Springs, MD 20910. Phone: (800) 388-2227.

The money a lender extends to a buyer for a commitment to repay the loan within a certain time frame.

credit rating
The degree of creditworthiness assigned to a person based on credit history and financial status.

credit report
A detailed account of an individual's credit, employment, and residence history. A lender uses this report to determine a loan applicant's creditworthiness.The three largest credit bureaus are Trans Union Corp., Equifax, and Experian (formerly TRW).

Any amount one person owes to another.

Equifax Credit Information Services, Inc., is one of the "Big Three" credit-reporting bureaus that operate nationwide. Address: P.O. Box 740249, Atlanta, GA 30374. URL: Equifax. Phone: (800) 685-1111.

A borrower's debts and financial obligations.

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