Deed Granting Easment

Deed made this _________ day of [month]_________, [year]_________, between _________, of _________, referred to as the grantor, and _________, of _________, referred to as the grantee.

The grantor is the owner in fee simple of _________[it may be convenient to add “delineated on the annexed plan” and insert a plan of the land]. The grantee is the owner in fee of another [or adjoining] parcel of land, described as _________[in many cases, of course, this paragraph is inappropriate].

The grantee is desirous of _________ and the grantor has agreed, in consideration of _________ dollars [or state other consideration] paid by the grantee, the receipt of which by the grantor is acknowledged, to grant to the grantee an easement for _________.

In consideration of _________ dollars [or other consideration] paid by the grantee to the grantor, the grantor grants to the grantee, his [her] heirs and assigns, full and free right and authority to _________.

The grantee covenants with the grantor that he [she] his [her] heirs or assigns, will _________.

In witness the grantor has signed [and seal] the day and year first written above.
In the presence of _________.


Signature of Grantor

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